You keep writing — we’ll make it easy for you.

We Create Custom Websites for Authors

Every author is unique, that’s why we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to building your website. Whether you’re a best selling author or just finishing your first novel, we get to know you, we become an integral part of your team, and we guide you through the process of building a frustration-free web presence that gets results.


Bestselling Authors

Multiple genres, audiences & goals?

Our solution: Organized. Branded. Frustration-free.

Marjorie M. Liu

New Book Deal?

First book about to launch?

Our solution: Strong first impression. Training & guidance. Poised for growth.

Robert Rotstein

Direct Book Sales

Selling books directly?

Our solution: Stylish design. WordPress e-commerce.

Shamra Chronicles

Taughnee designed a vibrant, unique author’s website that I immediately loved, as did my editor, agent, friends, and family. She’s creative, responsive, incredibly patient, and attuned to an author’s concerns. My highest recommendation.

Robert Rotstein, Author

We Specialize in Authors Who Blog to Build Their Author Platform

We’ve been working with bloggers for a decade. Our custom designs reflect your personality and define your author brand. We use the smartest modern technologies and help you create a strategy to drive traffic, and ultimately find and build your audience.


Author Blog

Is your author blog central to your marketing plan?

Our solution: We create custom blog designs that build your brand.

Web Petals

New Kid on the Block?

Writing Your First Novel?

Our solution: Build your platform with a custom blog.

Kat Michels

Cookbook Author?

How does a cookbook author generate interest?

Our solution: A personalized foodie blog, naturally.

Alison's Lunch

Building an Audience

New author building an audience?

Our solution: We create your author brand and guide you along the way

Vatonia Boone

Personal Blog

Building a personal brand?

Our solution: One-of-a-kind custom design that communicates who you are.

Beth Hicks

Working with Taughnee was great! She waived her magic wand – I’m sure it’s much more complicated than that! – and showed me an absolutely beautiful design that spoke to everything that I wanted. Taughnee delivered exactly what I need right now.

Kat Michels, Author

We Work with Social-Media-Savvy Authors (And Those Who Want To Be)


Social Media Maniac?

Using Social Media to promote your works?

Our solution: We create and manage an effective web "hub."

Catherine McKenzie

Multi-Genre & Purpose

Do you need a hard-working website?

Our solution: We work with authors who play multiple roles & write in multiple genres.

Glen Klinkhart

Social Media Integration

Do you need a website to be a hub for your social media activities?

Our solution: We architect integrated systems to manage all your online communications.

Taughnee is the first Web developer that I’ve trusted with my persona/professional web site. I liked her design sensibility, appreciated her honest approach, and trusted her to think through the complex challenges of containing all of my disparate work in one site. She delivered on all counts. I absolutely love my site and am still amazed at how she nailed it.

Aliza Sherman
Non-Fiction Author (most recently Social Media Engagement for Dummies) & Web Pioneer
Named Top People Who Matter Most on the Internet by Newsweek Magazine and Most Powerful Women in Technology by Fast Company
Design currently offline

We Work with the Web’s Brightest Thought Leaders

Sometimes your book the centerpiece of your bigger marketing plan. If you’ve written a non-fiction book or e-book for the purpose of becoming a thought-leader — to book speaking gigs, further your career or find new clients — we understand the importance of SEO and how your website fits into your overall marketing plan.


Blogging for Business

Is your book central to marketing your consulting business?

Our solution: We create sites that WIN with SEO

Fundraising Coach

Content Marketing

Do you use e-books and blogging to build your business?

Our solution: We build sites that convert.

Sea Change

Thought Leaders

Non-fiction writer? Blogging for business?

Our solution: Branded. Optimized for search. Social.

Katya Andresen

Taughnee’s work designing my blog has been stellar. The results speak for themselves: I’m first in organic search, and I regularly receive fan mail about the design. She is the best – and the only – blog designer I recommend to others.

Katya Andresen, Author, COO of Network for Good & LinkedIn Thought Leader

We Are Experts in WordPress Development
(Yes, We Do Development- & Maintenance-Only Projects)

The following examples are sites that we’ve done the development-only. So if you need help with your WordPress site, or if you’re a graphic designer looking for a development partner for your author clients, we invite you to get in touch.


Need WordPress Expertise?

Have a designer but need WP expertise?

Our solution: We love working collaboratively as part of your existing team.

Peter Ames Carlin

Need WP Development Only?

Are you a print designer working with authors?

Our solution: We can manage and develop your web projects!

Carl Industries

But We Do More Than Just Build WordPress Websites

WordPress is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We work with Expression Engine and other CMS software too, depending on your unique requirements. We also help with strategic planning and coordination and implementation of all of your online marketing needs.


CMS Design

Need something more robust than WordPress?

Our solution: We develop with Expression Engine & other CMS software, too!

Vanessa Craft

Looking for a web PARTNER?

Do you want a web partner who is invested long-term?

Our solution: Some of our clients have been working with us for a decade.

Judy Gruen

Agent Shopping?

Not yet published?

Our solution: A site that helps you build your author platform.

Owen Thomas